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'Create Magic. Create environments where you can find joy.'

Our Philosophy

The unique creativity that exists in every one of us sometimes remains hidden unless it is recognised and nourished as we grow.

Our aim at Creative Days is to encourage and develop the creativity in every child, igniting the joy and happiness it can bring to them as they navigate their way through the life.  In these ever changing times full of so many influences, childhood is demanding.  Our workshops offer a gentle approach to learning through creative discovery, helping children feel more comfortable in the world.

In our workshops we provide a warm, happy, inclusive and non-judgmental space where everybody is made to feel valued.

Our projects are inspired by the changing seasons, the world around us, different cultures, artists, architects, illustrators, crafts people,

graphic designers…the list goes on. 

We continually look for new ideas and approaches and love experimenting with a wide variety of materials and techniques,

always ensuring that the children see and benefit from our own creative journey.

'Every child is an artist...'
  Pablo Picasso 

Our Art and Craft Workshops

We deliver art and craft workshops to children primarily in the rehearsal rooms of

The Place Theatre, Bedford, but our portfolio of work stretches beyond. 


To date we have created collaboratively with:

The Higgins Museum and Art Gallery, Great Ouse Primary Academy, Castle Newnham, St Thomas Moore, Bedford Girls School, Denton Primary, BRAVE youth theatre, Livingstone Primary, Polam School, Bromham Primary, Lancot Challenger Academy, Springfield Primary, Queens Park Academy, RoeCroft Lower School, Turvey Primary, The Panacea Museum, Fays Coffee, Rogans Books and Playhouse.

To further enrich our childrens creative experience we regulary invite local artists and practitioners along to deliver workshops inspired by their own practice.  To date we have had the pleasure of working alongside Hoda El-Metini, Bob Collins, Amanda Silk, Belinda Ajayi, Fiona Wilson, Sarah Hodgkins, Mark Tanti (Demograffix) Katie Allen, Annie-Marie Abbate and Kristina Castle (Little Science Lab).

To find out more, drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you!

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