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'Philippa worked alongside us to create an engaging display in our new building in order to make the space welcoming and to reflect our values and Church school ethos . We now have brightly-coloured, Matisse-inspired vinyl panels in our entrance and a Garden of Eden-inspired 'Tree of Life' on our worship wall in our hall, which provides a stunning focal point for collective worship. Philippa worked enthusiastically alongside us to develop an artistic solution for our spaces and then ran workshops with children across KS2 to create the art work. Philippa was professional, accommodating to our requests and worked extremely hard in order to create the shared art work. The children had a brilliant day working with Philippa and the end result for our school is stunning.'

Amy Perrett, Bromham  Cof E  Primary School


We know that art and creativity are vital in every child’s development and really hope that we can make a difference in schools that may want support in this area, or that would just love to be doing more!

We run regular lunchtime and after school clubs for all year groups.  Our clubs are extremely popular, providing children with an additional fill of exciting art and craft activities. Contact us if you would be interested in an art club for your school.

As well as our school clubs we also deliver projects to whole classes as part of the school day.  We are Culture Challenge providers and can work with your school, tailoring what we do to your needs.

We can offer a huge variety of projects covering various forms of painting, drawing and printmaking, collage, weaving, photography, fashion and graphic design, puppetry and batik. We can work with plaster of paris, willow, clay, metal and countless other materials.  We can create and deliver cross curricular projects too, working closely with the changing seasons and the world around us, taking essential inspiration from different artists and cultures and exploring a wide variety of materials and techniques.  We absolutely love creating exciting projects, taking risks, working on varying scales and exploring new approaches to art teaching, ensuring that the creativity in every child is developing, regardless of their age, personality or ability.  Contact us for more details.

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