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'These workshops are honestly the highlights of our week!'

Poppy Hollman

COVID-19 Online Workshops

During the challenging period of lockdown, we have reached out to many children with our series of pre-recorded workshops, designed for all ages; a wonderful collection of art and craft activities which can easily be followed at home and be enjoyed by the whole family, requiring only basic materials and equipment.  These are still available and would provide a perfect creative opportunity for any child having to currently self isolate.

If you would like to access them, the cost is a one off payment of £15. Simply click on the 'Pay Now' button below and we will send you the links to 10 videos that you can watch when you want, as often as you want!  We strive to help keep creativity alive during this challenging time of uncertainty when we feel our children will benefit from it more than ever.  We have received wonderful feedback from these videos and hope that they will continue to be enjoyed in the future.  Take a look at our growing gallery below to get an idea of what we've been up to!


Please pay using your PayPal account or by debit/credit card using the link below and remember to tell us your email address, we will use this to send you links to our videos.

IMG_6300 (2).JPG

Creative Days Online Workshops


We love to see the outcomes of our online workshops. Please help build our gallery by sharing your amazing creations with us! 
You can email them to
By Amber, Eryn and Sage
By Sage and mummy
Turvey building
Turvey building
Gabija's Elephant
Katie's Elephant
Josh's Tony Cragg inspired rainbow
Natalie and Sophia's Tony Cragg inspired rainbow
Isla and Elodie's 'Tree of Hope '
Isla and Elodie's wool mandalas
Imogen and her family's Mandalas
Imogen and her family's Mandalas
Will, May (and their mum's) Mandalas
By Sophia age 4
By Natalie age 9
Wool Mandalas by Wilf
Mandala by Wilf
Mandala by May
Tube picture by the Russell family
Chalk Mandala by the Russell family
Robin making his crepe paper picture
Robins crepe paper picture
Natalie and Sophias Mandalas
Josh wearing his pasta necklace
Sophie wearing her pasta necklace
By Natalie and Sophia
By Lana and Lewis
Rowans finished egg!
Isla and Elodies pasta necklaces
Robin decorating his egg
By Mays big brother
By Elsa and Meg
By Gabija
By May
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